Ben Farleigh
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I’m a designer & artist,

living in London.

You have reached the home of my creative endeavours. 

If you want to know more about me, my bio is here.


Abstract Paintings

I work on canvasses in bursts over time. Each is painted in many layers, until it's just as it should be. My focus is colour and texture.


Pop-Art Sculpture

I like to look at materials in a new way. You will see this reflected in my sculptural work. Expect to see lots of toys and lots of bricks.



The back of my work features a face stencil or metal signature name plate for true authenticity. Some may even have a haiku scrawled onto them.

Rain Paintings:

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Organic. Dynamic.



I create. You buy.

Emotional. Energetic.

This collection of abstract works are inspired by nature.

They are called rain paintings because they were conceived in the rain, and my original technique uses liquid stencils, which allow me to create multilayered, organic works with depth.



Vivid Colour